On November 3, 2007, Erin and Albert got married. Albert asked me to be his best man, and our girls to be in the wedding as flower girls. We'll post a few pictures from our trip to Boston with the Month 28 pictures, but I thought it would be nice to post a few pictures completely outside of the girls' pictures.

witnessing the wedding

In this picture, I'm signing a book to witness the wedding. Jared was pretty interested, which I thought was cool.


The wedding itself was at 3pm, which meant that our girls didn't get a chance for a nap. I think the same was true for Dylan. He was out for pretty much the entire wedding.

pinning the boutonniere

Albert's putting a boutonniere on my dad. I suppose I should have put on Albert's, but I've never figured out how you're supposed to pin one of these things. Suephy ended up pinning Albert's.

flower girls

The girls wouldn't walk down the aisle on their own. Agnes had to walk with them, holding their hands. What this meant though is that they couldn't throw flower petals. It's just as well though. The sexton told us we would have to pick up all of the petals afterwards anyway.


One of the things we didn't cover in rehearsal for the wedding was who would unroll the runner that the bride walked on. At the last moment, Albert picked Sean and George. Maybe they were nervous, but they immediately ran the runner crooked.

walking down the aisle after the ceremony

After the ceremony, Erin and Albert had this picture taken. I think they look really nice.

family picture

We took a few pictures after the wedding. This is our family picture.

suephy, albert, and bernard

We also took a picture with just Suephy, Albert, and me. We have a similar picture from both Suephy's wedding and my wedding. At some point, we'll try posting all three of them.

making balloon animals

Albert made balloon animals for the kids. Erin and Albert also set up a play area with blocks and other toys. I had never seen anything like that at a wedding and I was skeptical that these things were worth planning for at a wedding, but in retrospect, we really appreciated it.

eleanor with balloons

Eleanor's showing a balloon flower that Albert made.

miranda with balloons

Miranda's holding her balloon flower and a balloon dog. You can see that she was running out of steam by this time.

giving the best man's speech

I was pretty nervous about the best man's speech. I was up until 3am the night before trying to figure out what I was going to say and trying to see if I could commit the main points to memory. When I got up there, my hands started shaking. After I started talking, though, things got better. Here I'm asking who's heard different stories that Albert always tells.

initial reaction to the speech

Albert was completely positive when he gave the best man's speech at our wedding. I feel a little bad that mine had bits in it to roast him, but I figured that's part of what a best man is supposed to do.

smiling at the speech

Ultimately, Albert seemed pleased enough after the speech.