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Baby Care Basics Part 2

Bernard @ July 20, 2005, 8:58 pm -- [Week 36, Day 2]

We really enjoyed the first part of the Baby Care Basics class. The nurse who taught the session was both informative and funny. We had the second part of the Baby Care Basics class this week. A pediatrician came in to answer any questions people had, but no one in the class seemed to have much to ask this time. Instead, he ended up reviewing a whole series of topics — what happens at the hospital immediately after a baby is born, a plug for breastfeeding, what we can expect in terms of a baby’s sleep schedule, immunizations, etc. All in all, I guess it was all good information, but we had also heard all of this before from the Lamaze class, the hospital tour, and the previous Baby Care Basics class. A bit of review isn’t a bad thing though. The second half of the class was a video about car seats. It was okay.