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Bernard @ June 10, 2005, 9:09 pm -- [Week 30, Day 4]

Agnes’ co-workers threw a baby shower for her today. Actually, it was a joint baby shower with another one of her co-workers whose wife is expecting. I asked several times if she was sure I was supposed to be there (since many of these things seem to be women only), but her co-worker is a guy, and there were other guys coming, so it seemed to be okay.

This baby shower seemed to consist of eating snacks (brownies, chips, cake) and opening presents. Agnes had me write down who gave us what gift as she opened them to the “awww…..”s of everyone else. Both she and Kevin (her co-worker) were opening gifts at the same time, and a couple people were taking pictures.

We ended up with mostly clothes, which is what I expected, but there were a number of other gifts in there as well. Surprisingly, it wasn’t all pink. Some people were even daring enough to give us blue which I think is fine — our girls can’t be wearing pink all the time. I think only one gift was from our registry, but there’s no problem in that. We didn’t put any clothes on our registry, and baby clothes are a pretty common baby shower gift. Some people even thought to give clothes for kids older than 6 months. We’ve heard from several places that we shouldn’t bother buying clothes for newborns as that’s what will make up most of our gifts.

At the end, Agnes and I were able to carry all the gifts to my car in a single trip. For those of you out there attending baby showers, bring an extra bag or two to help the recipient of the gifts carry everything. It’ll really help.

I’ll take pictures of everything we got and put them up. I just haven’t had the chance to do that yet. You’ll be able to see them on the “baby stuff” page in a little bit.

[edit: 06/12/2005 — The pictures are up! Maybe if we can get pictures that other people took of the actual shower, we’ll put those up too.]