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Laying in Supplies

Bernard @ July 31, 2005, 2:03 am -- [Week 37, Day 6]

We talked to Suephy this weekend. She asked if we were all ready for the babies to arrive. We thought we were doing fairly well. We have the Pack n Play set up and our Diaper Champ unpacked. We have our car seats installed. We have diapers and wipes. We have a little basket for everything we’ll need to bathe our babies. We’ve washed all of the sheets and towels and clothes. We’ve cleaned the house. We’re getting a little nervous, but we figured we had most of the things we needed. Suephy asked if we had enough food.

I guess Suephy found that it was very hard to go out to get any kind of food (even groceries) during the first couple of weeks, and that one shouldn’t expect to be able to cook. She recommended that we get a number of things that are easy to just heat and eat. Between two trips to Trader Joe’s and a trip to our local Ralph’s supermarket, we’ve stocked up the freezer. I think this is the most food we’ve ever had in our freezer. We have a number of frozen dinners (chicken and turkey pot pie, Thai green curry, and some Healthy Choice meals) as well as frozen chicken, pork, ground turkey, and fish. We have over a dozen bagels and a loaf of bread in the freezer as well. We also have a number of buns and dumplings in our freezer. Our refrigerator is filled with drinks, fruits and vegetables. Our cupboard is filled with pasta, canned foods, different kinds of noodles, and a number of snacks.

It felt like we were trying to prepare for an upcoming natural disaster. All this food shopping is a little uncharacteristic of us. We tend to shop for at most two days at a time. I think we have enough food for about two weeks, but we’ll see. At least we have our parents nearby to help out, and if we’re really in a pinch, we can always order Papa John’s.