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Our Twenty-Seven Week Appointment

Agnes @ May 18, 2005, 9:49 pm -- [Week 27, Day 2]

Todayís appointment started out with two blood tests, one for the glucose tolerance test and one for my hemoglobin level. One hour prior to the appointment I drank the sickeningly sweet sugar drink that you take prior to having the glucose level from your blood checked. Actually it wasnít that bad, because itís carbonated, and I made sure to leave it in the refrigerator at work all morning. (Youíre not allowed to dilute it with ice.) The glucose tolerance test checks for gestational diabetes and is routinely done around 28 weeks. Hopefully, my glucose level wonít be too high, although Iím a little worried because I ate a huge carb load at lunch today, about two to three hours prior to the appointment. (We had catered Italian food at work.)

The hemoglobin level will reveal whether Iím severely anemic or not. I already expect to be somewhat anemic because Iím carrying twins, but Iíve been good about taking my extra iron pill, so hopefully, it wonít be too bad.

My doctor did a quick measure of my uterus and a quick ultrasound. Now, both fetuses are head down, which explains why Iíve been feeling the kicking all above my bellybutton. On the ultrasound, thereís an appropriate amount of amniotic fluid around them, and theyíre quite active, so everything looks good so far. Next appointment will consist of some more measurements to make sure theyíre growing well and at the same rate.