For 2005 I revived an old New Year's resolution. Back in 2000, I said I would try running 500 miles that year. It doesn't seem too hard -- an average of 10 miles a week for 50 weeks, or a little bit more than 3.3 miles three times a week. I failed in my goal that year, and I hadn't tried it until 2005.

The key is consistency. In 2004, I did a lot of running, but due to injuries, I didn't reach 500 miles. I ended at a little more than 430.

In 2005, I fell behind a little bit after the girls were born, but I did a lot of running at the end of the year and I caught up again. In total, I ran 503.7500000000001 miles in 2005.

I've included a link to Shane's running log, not because he also had a goal to run 500 miles, but just because I thought it would be nice for him to continue logging his running as well, even after the marathon.


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