We recently put up four pictures of flowers in our house, which were photographed by Stephen Lo. Unfortunately, we can identify only one of the four pictures. If you can help us identify the other three, please leave us a comment. Thanks!

Update: Thanks to Shane’s family, we’ve identified all four of the flowers. Thanks also to everyone who gave hints along the way.

Picture 1: California Poppy Picture 2: Scabiosa
california poppy scabiosa
Picture 3: Canna Golden Lucifer Picture 4: Canna Firebird
some kind of canna canna firebird

Shane [Sun Jul 20 04:52:19 2003]
My family is really helpful. My brother identified #3 as Golden Lucifer: http://www.karcheskycanna.com/goldenlucifer.htm

Bernard [Sat Jul 19 13:21:22 2003]
Picture 4 looks very much like a Canna Firebird.

Shane [Sat Jul 19 12:59:43 2003]
My Dad helped to identify picture 2 as Scabiosa. Pictures 3 & 4 belong to the canna genus (but not sure which ones). Will have to check the New Zealand cousins of cannas…

Bernard [Fri Jul 18 20:38:52 2003]
I’m beginning to think that picture 3 is a picture of a gladiolus. It’s a little hard to tell though.

Stephen [Fri Jul 18 15:49:57 2003]
If it helps any, Pictures 1&2 were taken at the Los Angeles Arboretum in Arcadia, CA. Picture 3 was from the Auckland Domain, and 4, from the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand.