scratched sink

In a conversation I had with Nadira once, we both lamented that fact that white porcelin sinks tended to scratch and the scratches would not disappear with scrubbing. In our many previous apartments, we always thought these scratches were permanent.

Since that time, I’ve found that our battery-powered Black and Decker ScumBuster (thanks, Albert) and a bit of comet does the trick. The picture above shows our sink after a week’s amount of scratches.

comet applied the scrubber
scrubbing all scrubbed

We apply some Comet, and then let the ScumBuster do its thing. I’m scrubbing left handed so that I could take these pictures with my right hand.

All that remains is the rinsing.

clean sink

After a bit of rinsing, the scratches are gone! Of course, I should do a better job cleaning the sink. There are still a few yellow spots there. The ScumBuster also does an amazing job on the bathtub (for which it was originally intended).