Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, has long been around to describe information that people want to syndicate. It’s used to describe news feeds, blogs, hot deals, etc. More recently, many websites have been using it to publish the fact that the site has been updated.

Once you find that a site has an RSS feed, you can subscribe to that feed with any of a number of RSS readers. The three that we’ve tried are RSS Bandit, ForumZilla, and intraVnews. All of these clients look vaguely like an email reader. They show each update from a feed as a new message that you can preview or access as a web page. RSS Bandit is a standalone application that started its life as a sample application that Microsoft distributed, but it has since grown into a pretty nice client for receiving RSS feeds. ForumZilla is a plug-in for the Mozilla Thunderbird news and email reader. intraVnews is an add-in for Outlook. Both ForumZilla and intraVnews uses the capabilities that Thunderbird and Outlook have as email readers to manage receiving messages, marking them as read, and deleting them.

Personally, we use the intraVnews add-in because we use Outlook for a number of other things. Terry did an extensive search for various RSS readers, and found that he liked NewsGator enough to buy it. It is also an add-in for Outlook. We haven’t tried it but it may work better than intraVnews.

Anyway, the big reason we’re talking about RSS other than the fact that we’re currently using it to receive news and see updates from sites like Slashdot, Anandtech, Yahoo! News, and MirKx (link removed because site is no longer available) is that we now have an RSS feed available here: . You’ll also find the same logo (and link) on our home page. If you decide to try out an RSS reader, please add our site to your list of subscriptions and you’ll get informed every time there’s an update.

We also have a second RSS feed just for our book recommendations available here: