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Baby Shower 3

Agnes @ July 28, 2005, 5:52 pm -- [Week 37, Day 3]

Yes, today I had my third baby shower. The first one was thrown by the Department of Pediatrics; the second one was hosted by Brigitte, one of my fellow neurology residents, and today’s was done by the faculty and staff of the Department of Neurology. I am just overwhelmed by how generous everyone has been. Not too much to say about this one that can’t be done in pictures, so here they are:

mom at baby shower

My mom was invited to this baby shower. You can see the nice layout of food behind us.

secretarial staff, nurses and EEG technologists

This is a picture with all of the secretarial staff, nurses, and EEG technologists.


Here are most of my neurology attendings.

fellows, residents and med students
more fellows, residents and med students
yet more fellows, residents and med students

Neurology fellows, residents, and med students on the service.

dr. naylor and nima

Dr. Naylor, our newest attending, and Nima, neurophysiology fellow.

opening presents

Opening presents. That huge white box on the left had four little boxes inside and ended up being a gift certificate. The gift certificate was for a huge amount of money, so I’m not complaining that I got short-of-breath opening all the boxes.