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Thirty-Seven Week Appointment

Agnes @ July 28, 2005, 4:48 pm -- [Week 37, Day 3]

Yesterday was our last OB appointment. It was probably the least eventful of all of our appointments. I mean, the obstetrician didn’t have to check my cervix–basically, if I’m not in labor, it doesn’t really matter if I’m a few centimeters dilated. On ultrasound, there was still enough fluid in both sacs. Twin A is still breech, as she has been for over the last two months. Her butt is blocking the exit, and I think the right side of my uterus has essentially molded itself to her back and head. Everytime I contract, I feel her head in the same place–the skin overlying that spot is kind of numb as well. Twin B is still transverse, but her head is a little lower down. Basically, it’s on the left side of my uterus and her body rides over the top of Twin A. Now, I just have to keep myself from going into labor until Tuesday the 2nd. Actually it wouldn’t be terrible if I went into labor now–the babies are essentially full-term, but I would prefer that my own doctor does the C-section instead of some obstetrician that is just covering for the weekend.