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Breastfeeding Class

Bernard @ July 17, 2005, 11:57 pm -- [Week 35, Day 6]

We had our breastfeeding class scheduled for Saturday morning after our biweekly (twice a week) non-stress test. Since our non-stress test ended a little early, we were the first ones at the class. We recognized some of the other people who came in for the class from our Lamaze class, which was nice. Anyway, we continued to sit around, waiting for the instructor. Around 15 minutes after the class was scheduled to start, people started asking each other if they had the time right. By 30 minutes, a couple people started pulling out cell phones to see if they could contact the instructor or the hospital administrator. By 45 minutes we all decided to leave. We still haven’t heard why the instructor wasn’t there, but we will either take a make-up class another time, or we’ll just have to learn about breastfeeding when the kids arrive. Luckily, we were going to pay for the class at the session itself, so we at least don’t have to deal with getting our money back.