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Thirty-Five Week Appointment

Bernard @ July 17, 2005, 11:53 pm -- [Week 35, Day 6]

Last Wednesday we had our thirty-five week appointment with the OB. In this appointment, the doctor used the ultrasound to see how the twins were doing. Twin A was still in breech position, which means we’re still aiming for our scheduled C-section on August 2nd. This means that our countdown to August 15th is a little off. It overstates the time remaining in the pregnancy by 13 days. In the ultrasound, we could see twin A’s heart beating, and we could see the chest moving. The doctor said she was practicing breathing, which is a good sign. At around 35 weeks a fetus’ lungs are pretty well developed and they can breathe on their own fairly well if they’re born at this stage.

Twin B had flipped over one more time. In our last appointment, she was in the breech position as well, but she had flipped upside down again. I suspect that it is because she sits higher up that she has more room to turn over. Twin A, who is lower down, is probably more pinned in place because of Twin B on top.

The doctor measured various pockets of amniotic fluid left, and seemed satisfied with the amount of space they have. It does look tighter in there than it has in the past.

Finally, the doctor examined Agnes’ cervix and said that there’s some indication that it’s softening, but not thinning yet. Agnes had had a series of contractions earlier in the week, so we were concerned that we wouldn’t make it all the way to August 2nd, but things seem to still be okay.