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Halfway There

Bernard @ March 28, 2005, 11:26 pm -- [Week 20, Day 0]

Today is the halfway point for a full forty-week pregnancy. Twins have a tendency to come early, but there’s no real reason this pregnancy can’t go to forty weeks. I thought I would just list a few highlights on what’s going on in the pregnancy at this point.

  • Agnes hasn’t felt any kicking yet. There has been kind of a drawn-out stretching sensation, especially in the evenings. From another friend we heard that this preceded kicking by a couple of weeks.
  • This morning Agnes woke me up saying that she had ironed her pants and found that they no longer fit. At first I was confused, thinking that she meant that her pants had shrunk, but it was just that these were the last pants that she had that were neither scrubs nor maternity pants that still fit.
  • Today was the first time a stranger asked Agnes if she was pregnant. Now that’s a risky thing to be asking a woman, so this person must have been pretty sure.
  • While Agnes hasn’t really picked up any strange food cravings, there have definitely been some changes. There have been fewer cravings for seafood, though it didn’t stop her enjoyment of some dungeness crab earlier this week. She’s been eating grape tomatoes (think cherry tomatoes, but oblong in shape and with a richer flavor) dipped in kosher salt. And she definitely doesn’t skip or delay meals very much.

We won’t have new ultrasound pictures until our next OB appointment on April 15th. Some people have asked if we will be finding out the sex of the babies. I don’t believe we’re going to get any better information than we already got from the perinatologist a few weeks ago — we’re expecting identical twin girls. We might still get a surprise at the delivery, but I doubt we’ll get any better information before then.

As for names, yes we are thinking of them, and no, we’re not naming them after any famous twins (Sheri and Teri, Patty and Selma, Mary Kate and Ashley, Tia and Tamera, Jenna and Barbara, Phoebe and Ursula, Zan and Jayna, etc).