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A Conversation on the Airplane

Bernard @ March 20, 2005, 9:32 pm -- [Week 18, Day 6]

Agnes and I were flying back from Houston today and we were sitting behind two rows of kids that were all together. There were three girls sitting together in one row and and one boy who was sitting with two women who were these kids’ mothers. The kids were all around 6 or 7 years old. We heard part of the conversation between the girls and the boy.

The girls were saying something like “We’re fat cats. We eat rats. You’re a rat,” to the boy.

The boy responded, saying, “I’m not a rat, I’m a lion! Lions eat cats.”

The girls dismissed his comment saying something about how lions are felines. The boy then came up with something different. “I’m a shark! You’re all cats. I eat cats!”

The girls conferred to see if they could come up with something bigger than a shark. They said, “We’re a giraffe! A giraffe can walk underwater. We eat sharks.”

The boy asked his mom, “Can giraffes walk underwater?” to which she replied, “If it’s shallow enough.”

The boy thought about it for just a moment and said back to the girls, “Sharks live in salt water. If you come in the water, the salt will get in your eyes.”

They were ignoring him by this point.

Oh boy. I know that if I were their parent I would need to leave their conversation alone, but it was just wrong in so many ways.