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Lamaze Class

Bernard @ June 4, 2005, 7:35 pm -- [Week 29, Day 5]

We started our Lamaze class this past week. Our class is six two-hour sessions each Wednesday night. Before the class started, we got a call asking us to bring four pillows, a mat or towel, a watch with a second hand, and comfortable clothing. Not a lot happened in the first class. It was mostly a matter of introductions and people talking about what they wanted to get out of the class and what they were worried about with the pregnancy and delivery. Among the other people in the class, there was one other couples that go to the same OB that we do, and another couple that was also expecting twins. Here’s a picture we took with the class.

lamaze class

We did get a few good tips. The instructor described how to do Kegel exercises and pelvic tilts (to learn to push properly and to ease back pain). She emphasized the need to remain hydrated to prevent cramps and she talked a little bit about nutrition. This session was mostly about the pregnancy. I think it’s in subsequent sessions that we’ll talk about the labor and delivery more.

We ended the class with about 20 minutes of a relaxation exercise. I guess this is why we were asked to bring pillows and a mat. The instructor darkened the room and everyone lay down on their mats. She played a tape that talked us through relaxing, and then when the tape was done, it was time to leave. We were given a “Prepared Childbirth” booklet that we’re supposed to read from before the next session. People grumbled a bit about the homework, but really it’s not much reading at all.