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Our Twenty-Nine Week Appointment

Agnes @ June 4, 2005, 6:15 pm -- [Week 29, Day 5]

June first was our twenty-nine week appointment. I’m seeing the doctor every two weeks now, and she ultrasounds the twins every time. I’m having intermittent contractions now, and random pains in my pelvis, so it’s always a relief every two weeks to see that the twins are okay, and my cervix is closed. They’re estimated at 1400 grams now, which is three pounds! They’re exactly the size they should be if I was only carrying one baby, so it appears that they’re growing well. They also keep changing their position at every appointment. Now Twin A is breech, and Twin B is still upside down.

We got these two ultrasound pictures of the twins. They’re so large now that they don’t fit completely in a picture. These pictures show their heads as well as part of their torsos.

My doctor gave me the results of the blood tests I had done last time. My one hour glucose level was 103, which is normal, and my hematocrit was 37%, which means that i’m not anemic! My doctor was surprised as well. I guess the extra iron pill that I take everyday has been working.