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Our Fourteen-Week Appointment

Agnes @ February 18, 2005, 8:33 pm -- [Week 14, Day 4]

February 16th was my fourteen week visit to the obstetrician. Basically just a routine check-up. They check my weight, my urine for sugar and protein, my blood pressure, and my doctor does an ultrasound. One difference this time was that the ultrasound was transabdominal as opposed to transvaginal. As you can see, the picture is a lot less clear when the ultrasound probe has to go through my abdominal fat, instead of being right up against the uterus. The good news is the twins look great. They’re both upside down, pretty much butting heads, and their head size (biparietal diameter, or BPD) corresponds to 14 weeks. The placentas are at the top of the uterus, which is the best location. The main thing that my doctor recommended is that I continue to take twice the amount of folate and iron that is in the prenatal vitamin–this means an extra folate and an extra iron tablet. Yuck!

To help orient you, my feet are off to the left side and my head is on the right. The twins’ heads are the round bright outlines, which, since they’re on the left side, means that the twins are “upside down”. You can’t see the body of the twin on the top of the picture because he/she is behind the other one.