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Requesting Recommendations

Bernard @ February 28, 2005, 2:06 pm -- [Week 16, Day 0]

Today is the first day of the sixteenth week of the pregnancy. We’re starting to think about what kind of things we will need once the babies arrive and we’re hoping to get some recommendations.

It would be great if people used the “comments” at the bottom of this post to give their opinions. If it looks like we’re getting some consensus, we’ll update this post with a summary of what people think we need.

Note: Unfortunately, your comment may not show up immediately. We’ve turned on the “moderation” feature to avoid getting spam comments added to our blog. There are programs out there that just crawl the web looking for places to advertise in blogs through the comments feature. Also, we don’t have the “edit” feature available in the comments — just post another comment with any additional information, and we can either keep the new comment or merge the corrections into the original one.

What do people think is indispensible? Do we need a diaper genie? We’ll probably need a stroller — any recommendations on what to look for in a stroller? What do we look for in a car seat? What brands and models do people like?