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Our Nineteen-Week Appointment

Bernard @ March 18, 2005, 9:18 pm -- [Week 18, Day 4]

Last Friday we had our 19-week appointment with the OB. This was our first visit after telling the perinatologist that we had changed our minds about having the amniocentesis. She said that it was a very reasonable decision to change our minds. I think she’s giving us more flexibility in our decisions (and therefore less guidance) because she knows that Agnes is a doctor and probably has a good sense of how these decisions go.

The appointment itself was very routine. Agnes’ weight gain was on track, and the doctor did a transabdominal ultrasound to verify that both fetuses are still growing well. When we saw the perinatologist, it looked like the placentas had either fused or that both fetuses are attached to a single placenta. This was a major factor in the guess that they are identical. Anyway, having a single fused placenta means that we now need to watch to make sure that one twin doesn’t grow much faster than the other, which would indicate a dangerous condition called Twin-Twin Transfusion. At this appointment, the two fetuses were still both around the same size as each other, which is a good sign.

Below, you can see the two pictures we have from the appointment. They’re not as sharp as the pictures we got from the perinatologist because we’re back to the less sensitive ultrasound equipment that the OB has. At this point, though you can’t tell from the orientation of the pictures, both fetuses are pointing the same direction, head down. They’ll flip multiple times before the end of the pregnancy though.

left fetus right fetus