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Packing for the Hospital

Agnes @ July 3, 2005, 7:28 am -- [Week 33, Day 6]

Yesterday, I put together a duffel bag full of the things we’ll need when I go into labor. I used a recommended list of things from our Lamaze workbook:

  1. robe and slippers
  2. toiletries and cosmetics
  3. extra pillows
  4. socks
  5. nursing bras
  6. nursing pads
  7. going home outfit and blanket for baby
  8. going home outfit for mom–early pregnancy size
  9. breastfeeding book

Things that were on the list, but that I opted not to include were “hand mirror to view pushing in the labor room”, “flavorings for ice chips”, “vibrating pillow”, “baby book for footprints”, “birth announcements” (we’ll email everyone), “portable CD player”, “snacks for partner” (given that this bag may sit around for a month or so, I think Bernard would prefer to bring fresh snacks).

Things that weren’t on the list, but that I thought would be useful:

  1. hair dryer
  2. underwear
  3. feminine pads (the ones in the hospital don’t have wings etc.)
  4. nipple cream
  5. bathing suit for partner (in case Bernard wants to help me labor in the shower)
  6. heat/ice pack
  7. list of hospital policies from the hospital tour (e.g. visiting hours, phone number to your hospital room, where you can use your cell phone, cafeteria hours, reminder to call your insurance company about the hospitalization and about putting your baby on your plan, how to order social security card and birth certificate)
  8. mittens for baby (they’re not allowed to cut the baby’s fingernails, so you have to bring nail cutters or mittens)

After the delivery, I’ll revisit this list to let you know if we brought the right things.