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Thirty-Three Week Appointment

Agnes @ July 2, 2005, 3:24 pm -- [Week 33, Day 5]

June 28th was our thirty-three week appointment. Because the appointment was on a different day than usual, I saw the other obstetrician who shares the office with my doctor. If I have a spontaneous vaginal delivery, then it’s possible that he could be doing the delivery. Scheduled or emergency Caesarean-section means that my doctor comes in no matter what. (There have to be two obstetricians for all C-sections).

I now weigh a whopping 162 pounds! I mention this partly because I’m a little tired of hearing people at work say, “You don’t look very big. You can’t possibly be carrying twins.” Everyone I run into says this. I guess I should be grateful that they’re not saying, “Wow, you’re huge! And you still have (blank) months to go?” If you’ve seen the picture of me from last week, you’ll see that I am huge, although the weight is spread out over my entire abdomen. I like to say I’m “watermelon-shaped”, as opposed to protruding like a basketball. One problem with my current shape is that I’m carrying high, and if I sit for more than fifteen minutes I get a band of numbness right under my breasts from compression. It’s quite annoying.

After this appointment, I move to weekly appointments until the delivery. I also have to get non-stress tests twice a week starting next week. This means three appointments a week! Apparently this is all routine, so there isn’t anything to be concerned about. Bernard and I are also meeting the girls’ pediatrician next week, so I’ll definitely feel like I’m constantly going to the doctor’s office. (I hope people at work are okay with me being out so much).

It’s starting to look more and more like I’m going to have a C-section because the baby on my right-side has been breech now for more than six weeks. This is despite Bernard telling her to turn over through my stomach. Although I like the idea of being able to deliver both babies naturally, I also think that the controlled, non-rushed environment of a scheduled C-section sounds good too. So we’ll see what happens!