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Pictures at Thirty Three Weeks

Bernard @ June 27, 2005, 11:20 pm -- [Week 33, Day 0]

We have earlier pictures of Agnes and each of our pregnant friends as each of them reached the twenty two week mark in their pregnancy. Susan’s picture was taken at thirty three weeks though, and so we’re putting together pictures of the same people as they each reach thirty three weeks. So far, we have three pictures: Agnes, our mystery person, and Susan. When Anna reaches 33 weeks, hopefully she’ll take a picture too and we can add it to this list.

The first picture is Agnes at 33 weeks.

agnes at 33 weeks

The second picture is our mystery person, who remains anonymous. Unfortunately, this means that her picture is zoomed in more.

mystery person at 33 weeks

Our third picture is Anna, who was also featured in our 24 week pictures.

anna at 33 weeks

And our fourth picture is Susan. It’s the same picture that we posted when we showed people at 22 weeks, but it’s cropped into a square to match the other three pictures.

susan at 33 weeks