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Kicking at 24 Weeks

Bernard @ April 26, 2005, 1:14 am -- [Week 24, Day 1]

Two nights ago I had my hand on Agnes’ stomach as I was going to sleep. Agnes was already asleep. I felt a small thump against my hand from her left side. By now we would have expected to feel some kicking, but I wasn’t sure if this was it. I felt more carefully and definitely felt the same thing. I woke Agnes up and told her, “I think I feel them kicking.”

Agnes woke up and tried to see if she could feel the same thing, but the twins had gone quiet. She was a bit disappointed that I was the one who felt them kicking first (“Why were you feeling my stomach anyway?”), but she was also excited about it.

Anyway, tonight, two nights later, both twins have definitely been moving around. It’s quite cool.

We also took a 24 week picture of Agnes to have a better comparison with our friend who sent us a 24 week pregnancy picture two weeks ago. We’ve reposted her picture here alongside Agnes’. There is a 5 inch difference in height between Agnes and this friend.


[Edit: 5/10/2005] I added Anna’s picture as well. Both Agnes and the mystery person were about 39 inches around. Anna is about 36 inches around. All three of these pictures were taken at 24 weeks into their respective pregnancies.