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Our Twenty-Five Week Appointment

Bernard @ April 29, 2005, 8:33 pm -- [Week 24, Day 4]

We had another OB appointment today. It’s a little before twenty five weeks, but I thought I would call it our twenty five week appointment anyway.

At our last appointment, the doctor only did a cursory ultrasound to make sure that the fetuses both had enough fluid. This time, she also checked to see that they were both growing well and at about the same pace. She made three measurements on each fetus — length of the femur, size of the abdomen and size of the cranium. The ultrasound machine then takes each measurement and comes up with an overall average guess at the age of the fetus. They both came out to be 24 weeks, 6 days, which means their growth is just about on target, and that they’re both the same size, which is great.

In addition, the doctor checked the length of Agnes’ cervix, which would appear shortened if she had signs of going into preterm labor. In this case, Agnes’ cervix looked fine. Finally, the doctor screened for fetal fibronectin, a protein that is detected when a woman enters preterm labor. We’ll find the results of that at our next appointment at twenty seven weeks.

Once again, everything looks good. We now need to start our shopping in earnest.