• canon mp730


    Adding an XP x86 Printer to Vista x64

    Jumping through hoops to add a printer.

  • flash video


    Flash Video

    Until last month, when we would post a video on this site, we would simply provide a link to a file, but some people have had trouble playing the videos. We've recently started using Flash videos instead.

  • bug


    Removing and Preventing Malware

    Every now and then I'm asked to help someone get their computer back in running form after it's been overrun by malware. Here are suggestions for cleaning up the computer yourself as well as some prevention suggestions.

  • backups



    Most people don't back up the data on their home computers. We wanted to share what we've learned.

  • web site statistics


    Examining the Web Site Logs — October 2004

    We found some interesting things by looking through our web site logs.

  • 08.18.2004

    Really Simple Syndication

    We've made updates on our site available to others through RSS, which means you can now be notified when this site has been updated.

  • lg vx6000


    LG VX6000 Frequently Asked Questions

    Agnes and I recently switched over from our Motorola StarTac phones to LG VX6000 phones.

  • replacing hsf


    Replacing the Heatsink and Fan

    In an effort to make the computer more quiet, we replaced the heatsink and fan.

  • web hosting


    Picking a Web Hosting Provider, Part 2

    We evaluated three different places to host this site. Learn why we ultimately picked DixieSys.

  • binary


    Binary and ASCII

    A primer on binary and ASCII.